Exclusive Salute Cannons made in Germany

Modern Tradition

German craftsmanship united with the passion for detail makes each of our ceremonial muzzle and breech loading cannons a masterpiece which is without equal elsewhere.
No matter whether they are based on historic models or on individual customer requirements -
our saluting cannons are impressive in design and sound!

Passion.                                          Know-How.                                  Modern Technology.

The Cornerstones of our Work

Currently On Stock

Ceremonial Cannon Cal. 80mm with Breech according to Ehrhardt

Ceremonial Cannon Cal. 80mm


hot-riveted, with handbreak and automatic shell ejector

Price 22.000,00€ ex work

Cartridge Stein with Bottle & Cup for Schnapps

Stein with Bottle & Cup for Schnapps


Hermanns's Drinking Cartridge:

The extraordinary present for all fans of the artillery


- Height ca. 42cm

- made of food proof anodised aluminium

- personalized engraving on the bottom  (+35,00€)


Price 495,00€ + shipping


Propane Poppers / Gas Poppers for SFX

Propane Popper for SFX


36cm for small gas cartridges (up to 300ml)

50cm for big gas cartridges (up to 700ml)


Price 320€ + VAT & shipping

Mortars According to Historic 18th Century Models



Price for the basic model 90mm: 700€ + shipping

Price for the basic model 60mm: 645€ + shipping

Wodden Ammunition Boxes

Ammunition Boxes & Cartridges For Breech Loading Cannons

Our cartridges are made of aluminium, steel or stainless steel to our customers wishes in various sizes.

Ammunition boxes can be purchased separately.


from 60€







BreechLoading Cannon Barrel Cal. 55mm

Signal Cannon with Team Block Breech



- Calibre 55mm
- Drilled from solid material



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