Corporate Philosophy

We Love What We Do

Our passion for saluting and the preference for both aesthetic and mechanically ingenious engineering is
the starting point of our work.
Therefore, the design of the barrels, the breeches and the carriages of our salute cannons is based mainly on historical models from Europe and America.

We Know What We Do

We know what matters, when it comes to saluting. Therefore, durable quality always comes first. We consciously refrain from the usage of cast material for our barrels. Instead all of our barrels are made from solid material.


We Are Good in What We do

No matter whether we have to build a historical based or customized model our work always meets highest quality requirements from the planning to the first shooting. 

Our range of services covers everything from constructing - using the latest 3D-CAD programmes - up to manufacturing.

Our modern and extensive machinery ensures the professional implementation of customer requirements at the highest level of quality - regardless of whether the salute gun will be used for the preservation of traditions or for military salutes.

High quality materials and best workmanship in our modern machinery make each of our cannons an unparalleled masterpiece.


We are looking forward to assisting you in realising your ideas!

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